Bilingual Education/ESL


The Valley View ISD Bilingual Program will establish a path to second language acquisition and proficiency by providing rigorous academic instruction leading to bilingualism and biliteracy. Students will acquire interpersonal skills and achieve high academic levels in English while maintaining their native language.


Our mission is to enhance and accelerate students' language acquisition to ensure English proficiency. We will maximize students' cognitive and affective development through culturally responsive teaching. As a result, our emergent bilingual students will acquire essential skills for lifelong learning, ensuring they become productive, responsible global citizens.

Program Goals

• Nurture the primary language for emergent bilinguals to become bi-literate.

• Create cross-linguistic connections between English and Spanish to acquire academic concepts.

• Use sheltered instruction to acquire the target language.

• Value the students' culture to create an optimal and inclusive learning environment.

• Foster emergent bilinguals' linguistic, academic, and emotional needs by creating meaningful partnerships with parents, families, and the community.

Our Values

Collaboration – Commitment – Accountability – Service – Excellence

Bilingual ESL Education